Odd Waters 1.1!

Heyo !

Here we come with a small update of the game, improving on the narrative.

The first version published here was the result of 2 months intense work as our end year project. Since then, we decided to take a step back to see how we could improve stuff in the game without changing too much.

We decided to improve on the narrative side, to better express our intended story as we saw many people perplexed with the ending. We rewrote a some bits of dialog, and added a key element that makes the story a bit more whole and understandable.

As we're going to begin another huge project this year, it's a way for us to move on, to be satisfied and proud with a final touch on what we made with great passion.

Thanks a lot to the people who played and gave us feedbacks!

The Odd Waters Team


Odd Waters 1.1 for Windows 241 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Odd Waters 1.1 for Mac 243 MB
Sep 21, 2019

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